The D46, which we developed way back in the 1930s, is still one of the best industrial full metal jacket bullets. While development has focused on Lock Base and Hollow Point bullets that withstand high pressures, Lapua´s accuracy has just kept improving.Our Scenar match bullet represents the very high end of its class: it has achieved the 600/600 world record of the international sport shooting federation (ISSF). Consistent quality that starts with the raw materials makes this possible. Lapua bullets are practically handmade.The finishing touch of the carefully controlled process is the primer and powder, which are perfectly compatible with the case and the bullet. Working together with the leading powder and primer manufacturers, we carefully choose the powder and a dependable primer that best fits each cartridge type. Reliability and accuracy are continuously tested in test shootings.The development continues all the time in steady steps, drawing from experience and with a keen ear for the reloaders´ needs. For marksmen, this development means exceedingly good cartridges and components. And for us it means more and more stories about gold medals and records.


Lapua has recently undertaken a daunting task; to make the best even better. We’ve combined both our experience and our state of the art manufacturing capabilities to further refine the tolerances on our match winning Scenar bullet. The product of this process is the new line of Scenar-L bullets. Drawn to even tighter standards of jacket wall concentricity, weight variation and dimensional uniformity, this new line takes our well known reputation for quality to the highest level we’ve ever produced. The new Scenar-L, the ultimate match bullet!

223, 55gr. Box of 100

.223 55gr. $27.00

 224 Rem. 69gr. (4.5g) Scenar - Lapua GB541 - Box of 100.224 Rem,4.5g, 69gr. HPBT Scenar – Box of 100. $46.00 Box of 1000 $450.00

224, 69GR. (4.5G), SCENAR-L - LAPUA GB544 - BOX OF 100.224, 69GR. (4.5G), Scenar-L Box of 100 $57.00

224, 77gr. (5g) Scenar-L - Lapua GB545 - Box of 100.224, 77gr. (5g) Scenar-L Box of 100$ 57.00


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